Corresponding to multiple-size, small-lot, quick-delivery items:
Deformed tubing provides specialized noncircular sectioning that dramatically reduces processes using conventional machine processing. Its applications are rapidly growing and include stair railings, top rails, bridge balustrades, steel furniture, structural materials for industrial machines and plant equipment, fluid-transfer tubing, and tubing for boilers and heat exchangers.


A wide range of small-lot multipurpose pipes are available to meet user needs such as stainless Steel tubess for base tubes for molding (cylindrical tubes), decorative stainless Steel tubes, STKM, STK, SGP, high-tension Steel tubes, and surface-treated Steel tubes. 

About an order

All shapes, applications, steel types, dimensions, accuracy, and operating environments are available in MTO manufacturing.
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Samples of sectional specializations

Tubes and tubes with shapes other than those below are available to meet user needs.