Tohsei kokan sells various high-quality iron powders.
We supply reducing iron powder, atomized iron powder, and clean mix powder that applied segregation prevention treatment to these iron powders, depending on our customers’ needs. The specification varies by purpose.

About iron powder

It is an aggregate iron powder and the size is approximately 20-200 microns.  It is used as a particle size distribution and apparent density etc , and the character changes by production technique or past record.

External appearances and section photographs) of the particle of a reducing iron powder and an atomized iron powder

overview of iron powder

Powder metallurgy

It is a technique to make materials and products by forming and sintering metal powder or mixture of metal powder and non-metal powder. And the product is called sintered parts. They are used for automotive component mainly. Sintered parts get many empty holes when the process of compounding the powder, and density of the parts change by quantity of empty holes therefore the mechanical property such as strength changes.
Ex. Bearing, filter parts, magnetic material, machine parts, friction material, high intensity/ wear resistant parts

Disposal heat pack

Product to keep people’s body warm by using exothermic oxidation reaction of iron.

Deoxygenation material

Freshness keeping material for food that use iron oxide to reduce oxygen inside of sealed container.

Scientific reaction material / soil improvement

Oxidation of iron, application of reduction, removal of toxic organic substances in soil

Coating material for welding rod

To improve deposition efficiency by adding iron powder to the coating material for welding rod

Cutting material

Using thermal oxide from iron powder can help to cut steel easily with gas.