With recent advances in industrial development, demands have grown for gas pipes, special alloy tubing, high-pressure plumbing, and structural tubing. We have set up three warehouses in the Tokyo area to ensure quick delivery and to supply tubing when secondary processing is requested.

our facility for tubing

Koga Plants and Offices

Urayasu Plants and Offices

Steel Pipes for piping

Cardon Steel Precision Tubes for Hydraulic Line Service (OST-2)  
Fulton Welded Steel Tubing (Fulton Brazed Steel Tubing)  
Stainless steel sanitary pipes (SUS-TBS) JIS G 3447
Light gauge stainless steel tubes for ordinary piping (SUS-TPD) JIS G 3448
Arc welded carbon steel pipes (STPY) JIS G 3457
Stainless steel pipes (SUS-TP,SUS-LTP,SUS-STP,SUS-HTP) JIS G 3459
Laege diameter welded stainless steel pipes(SUS-TPY) JIS G 3468
Polyethylene coated steel pipes (P) JIS G 3469
Alloy steel pipes (STPA)  JIS G 3458
Galvanized steel pipes for ordinary piping(SGPW) JIS G 3442
Carbon steel pipes for ordinary piping(SGP) JIS G 3452
Carbon steel pipes for pressure service(STPG) JIS G 3454
Carbon steel pipes for high pressure service(STS) JIS G 3455
Carbon steel pipes for high temperature service(STPT) JIS G 3456
Steel pipes for low temperature service(STPL) JIS G 3460

Steel Tubes for structual purposes

Carbon steel tubes for machine structural purposes (STKM)  JIS G 3445
Electric resistance welded carbon steel tubes for automobile
structural parposes (STAM-G,STAM-H)
 JIS G 3472
Alloy steel tubes for machine purposes (SCr-TK,SCM-TK) JIS G 3441
Carbon steel tubes for general structural purposes (STK) JIS G 3444
Stainless Steel tubes for machine and structural purposes
JIS G 3446
Carbon steel square and rectangular tubes for general structure JIS G 3466

Steel Tubes for heat transfer

Carbon steel boiler and heat exchanger tubes (STB) JIS G 3461
Alloy steel boiler and heat exchanger tubes (STBA) JIS G 3462
Stainless steel boiler and heart exchanger tubes (SUS-TB) JIS G 3463
Steel heat exchanger tubes for low temperature service (STBL) JIS G 3464
Steel tubes for fired heater(STF,STFA,SUS-TF,NCF-TF) JIS G 3467
Carbon steel tubes for cylinder barrels (STC) JIS G 3473

*All items are available in made-to-order (MTO) manufacturing.